GPS Manager
GPS Manager is a GUI for organizing GPS data (i.e. waypoints, tracks, routes, etc.). It is able to download data from and upload data to many different GPS units. The main motivation for the development of GPS Manger (besides the fun in it) is that many GPS units have very limited memory. GPS Manager will provide off-unit storage for as much data as your computer will hold, and it will provide higher level organization and analysis tools that most GPS units.

To build GPS Manager, you will need gpspoint2, Qt 3.1.2 (including uic and moc), and boost. Note: gpsmgr only uses header files from boost, so you don't need to compile any of boost unless you really want to.

You can download GPS Manager at the sourceforge download page.

20030626 - I updated some stuff to reflect new gpspoint changes, but the changes are (so far) only in CVS. So, if you're having build problems related to libgpspoint2, get the CVS version of gpsmgr. I'll make an official release soon.

20030522 - Version 0.4 released! Completed initial track editing stuff, and switched GroupObject around a lot.

20030520 - Version 0.3 released! Not much of a code change, but I updated to make system to use autotools. Logo